Commercial Bakery Sprayers

 Baking Sprayers are a great way to make sure that your baked goods are properly moisturized or coated. With a wide array of oilers, sprayers and egg wash applicators we have something that every industrial kitchen could use. Click on the product names below for more information or simply call in to talk to a consultant.



Pan Oiler

Pan Oiler

The Burford Hydraplate, a precision high speed bread pan oiler, uses new technology to provide a finer coverage of oil droplets on the bread pan release surfaces. Convenient adjustment points make operator setup quick and simple. Right hand and left hand models available. Find out more...


Precision Oiler for baked goods

Precision Oiler

Designed to spray a precision pattern of oil and pan release agents on bakery products, pans and band ovens. With Burford's Precision oiler, you can increase productivity and reduce cost because of the many innovative features of the precision oiler. Stainless steel construction to ensure long life, digital oil control and precise liquid metering deliver accurate spray patterns that save you up to 50% or more. Find out more...

Egg Washer for pastries

Synthetic Egg Wash Applicator

Designed to apply a regulated spray of synthetic egg wash to baked goods for a special glossy appearance. The Egg Wash Applicator is easy to operate and maintain with its self-cleaning nozzles, and low maintenance pump. The Egg Wash Applicator uses optical product sensors to minimize wasted Egg Wash. Find out more...


hot bun cross applicator

Hot Cross Bun Applicator

Hot cross buns are crossed automatically with the Burford HC-1 Hot Cross Bun Applicator.  The HC-1 briefly stops the pan to make the application across the pan.  As the pan is released and moving, the finishing part of the cross is made.  Find out more...


Bakery Pan Cooler

Pan Cooler

The Burford Pan Cooling system removes excessive heat from baking pans prior to recycling through the panning and proofing process. This high quality machine, is industry tough, with all stainless and aluminum construction. If space is an issue, the cooler is available in 15 and 20 ft lengths, and can even be suspended from the ceiling. Improve pan performance and product quality by keeping pan surfaces dry and cool, and eliminating shock to dough at the panner. Cool down your pans without heating up your environment by exhausting exchanged heat outside. Find out more...